Wife threatening to leave

by justin
(canonsburg, pensylvania)

hello, my name is Justin and me and my wife are having pretty major problems. It's about my parents who live across the street from us; She thinks they are watching us and they aren't. And she makes me feel so bad and now she demands we move, or I change or it's over between us. What should I do? I wonder if i would be happier alone or with her.

Ben's Answer:

Justin, somehow I get the feeling this isn't the first problem that's come up in your marriage. If you're thinking you might be happier without her, then things must have been going down hill for a while. I doubt it's only about your parents across the street, unless your parents really are intrusive and over-involved in your business.

I can't tell you what is best for you, but maybe you owe it to yourself and to her to at least see a marriage therapist before you decide to end the relationship. It can really help, if there's anything left in the relationship to salvage.

Take Care,
Ben Schwarcz
Santa Rosa Psychotherapist

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