was i wrong

by tracey owen
(warrington uk)

It started a while ago , i just knew something was different and one evening it happened . i woke or thought i did sat up and twisted on my side and was frozen and then a bright light burst out of my chest and the most wonderful feeling of bliss and love overwhelmed me . I was floating above earth and it was divine , there was someone else there too . i have always been a spiritual person and very sensitive . The weeks that followed were like magic i was changed and just me and no one else and i wanted to share all this love with the world . Then the people in my life who i told ridiculed me and said i needed to see a doctor , but this loving complete feeling i felt didn't need a doctor just understanding , they didn't like the new happy carefree person , they wanted me to be just like them because apparently that really was the norm . I searched for answers and i was led or found page after page of possibilities , they seemed to magically appear as if i had to see , spiritual awakening , twin flames and mania . At this time these people have finally dragged me back down to earth if you please . I was so happy with finding myself and now starting to get confused , maybe i am having a breakdown , but that light and love feeling i did not imagine that . Today at work i finally retaliated to all the negativity i felt , my ego is back i think so maybe i am insane . On saying that two ladies at work said it had happened to them and knew my secret , so i am not alone with this , just needed clarity i think because of all the negative feelings i had towards this subject , but that is their ignorance , I feel so alive now and can understand their fear on spirituality ,but if i do it does not mean they have the right to say otherwise either . Love and light blessings.

Ben's Answer:

Wishing you a safe landing and lots of loving support. Thank you for posting.


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