Treating bipolar in Nigeria

by concerned friend

I live in northern Nigeria, and I have a close friend who I suspect, from her behaviour and from the research I've done, is bipolar, probably bipolar 2, with hypomanic and depressive symptoms. She can be very excited about a project and start really useful exciting projects one day, and then shortly thereafter be very depressed, self-destructive (quitting jobs, destroying relationships, etc) , and even abusive. She acknowledges she has a problem and is open to seeking professional help, but we are not sure who to contact. I'm also afraid of her going somewhere and getting on the wrong medications which could make it worse. (Medication with little follow up is usual for many medical conditions in Nigeria.) From all the google research I've done, I can't find anyone in Nigeria who helps treat bipolar disorder. Do you know anyone in Nigeria who is experienced at treating bipolar disorder, or are there alternative therapies she could engage in to "self-treat" her bipolar symptoms?

Ben's Response

I list a large number of alternative self-help methods on my Bipolar Treatment page of my site. Following these guidelines is what I would recommend to someone who has no professional help available. Even with a doctor of therapist, I'd still recommend these other things (such as yoga, meditation, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-complex, etc).

Ensuring proper sleep is one of the most important things. If sleep is very poor or irregular it can have a huge impact on mood. Having complete darkness during the night can be helpful.

Low blood sugar is often a trigger for mood changes. Eliminating all sugar can be very helpful to some people.

I'd also recommend using EFT/Meridian Tapping as a self-help technique.

Best Wishes,

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Feb 19, 2014
by: Nimota Raji

I am a Canadian based Registered Social Worker and presently doing extensive research on Bipolar and other mental illness, which i plan to come to Nigeria and give lectures on. If interested in my input you can email me on my consultation is free of charge.

Mar 28, 2013
discovered i have this problem
by: Anonymous

Am now forty and until recently from research discovered i have had this problem for years. NOW IT IS BECOMING MANIC.People call me a mad mad that abadons good projects for conclusion. i suffer from lack of sleep and get involved in risky actions without thinking,lack of concentration when working and intake of excessive alcohol,which i normally dont like.

am really frustrated...i dont know where to go for help because this is making lose important relationshps.

Pls kindly help me. I live in Lagos.

Sep 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thanks, these comments are both quite useful

Sep 21, 2011
Nigeria, Lithium & Deep Wells
by: Bill


For Nigeria, I think that Lithium is a good and cheap possible initial treatment. It has been shown to preserve the Hippocampus in some studies. If not taken with water and if body is low on salt, then Lithium can actually somewhat slow down memory and cognitive ability.

There is a study on Lithium out of Nigeria...;year=2010;volume=2;issue=2;spage=113;epage=117;aulast=Shallie;type=0

P D Shallie
Department of Anatomy/Biochemistry/Physiology
Obafemi Awolowo College of Health Sciences Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago- Iwoye,
Ogun State

Mor contacts besides P D Shallie at OA College...
HB Akpan1, AK Adefule1, D Fakoya, TR Fagbohun

Personally I've discovered that Lithium has been discovered in deep well water, and also a DNA test my father's folk have a last name called "Hallowell" (Holy Well). If there is any deep well water in Nigeria which would also yield some Lithium, this is a question to being to Obafemi Awolowo College as a cheap remedy, and also in concert with efforts to provide fresh water for villages.

- Bill

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