Too Late to Resolve Sexual Abuse?

I was molested as a child. Sexually assaulted by a family member at age 15. I have never told anyone about these things and I never will tell anyone in my family. I am now 45 and these things keep bothering me. Why? Why now? Is it too late for me?

Ben's Answer:

Too late for you? On the contrary - NOW is the perfect time! Things "come up" when it's time to deal with them. The fact that you have lived for 30 years with this trauma and never told anyone is all the more reason to pay attention to what your feelings are now showing you, and find an outlet for this. Psychotherapy would be a great place to start. A whole new life could be waiting for you without the burden of this secret. Find a therapist you can truly trust and it will be the best investment of your life.

Best wishes,

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