Toe numbness while doing any pranyama

by Manisha

I am suffering from low back pain since 2 years without any diagnosed physical problem. I sit on chair for doing Pranayama, with as much awareness about my posture as I can. Still all toes my feet become numb within 10 minutes of any pranayama. Speed and intensity of numbness is incresaing everyday. I have tried simple deep breating, anulom -vilom or nadi shodhana as well as Sudarshan kriya by Art of living.

Very difficult to understand. Could you please help?

Ben's Response:

Doing pranayama with too much force or too much tension in the body can cause soreness and muscle tension in the lower back. The hyperventilation (over abundance of oxygen and decrease of carbon dioxide) created during certain types of pranayama commonly may cause tingling sensations in the fingers, toes, or lips. While this tingling is normally nothing to worry about, I would suggest decreasing the speed and intensity of your breathing. I would also encourage you to consider trying traditional Kriya Yoga (from the lineage of Gorakshanath Babaji, Shri Yukteshwar, Yogananda and Yogiraj Siddhanath), rather than the popular "Sudarshan Kriya" of the Art of Living.

If any physical pains or symptoms continue to concern you, it is always a good idea to see a doctor to rule out any other possible physical problems.

Best Wishes,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT

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