three year journey

by Diane
(Los Angeles)

I was a CPA with a master in taxation, I am an analytical person by training. In addition I felt energy and was called twice by "spirits" to do a healing in my yoga classes to two people who were in obvious need.

Once in a while, once every two months or so I went to Harmony Grove in Escondido for a healing and church readings, I believed in the spiritual aspect of life and that spirits are around us. After my three year journey which started in December of 2009 and ended in December 2012, I am not sure what I believe.

My journey consisted of a grandfatherly spirit named "Dakshi" who later identified himself as "Daksha" and a grandmotherly spirit who identified herself as "Kefera". They introduced themselves to me before I looked them up and found that they are actual ancient gods or beings with these names.

For two years I was on a journey believing that I was connected to a guy, Peter, I started dating. When he was in the room I was in peace when he was away I believed he was in my head. For the third year he left and a George took his place.

For the first two years I was given information which made sense such as an explanation of the mystery of Mona Lisa, that she had a disease and had no hair, if you look at her portrait you will notice no eye lashes, eyebrows and she seems to wear a net of hair on her head.

Also, the guy in Florida who built a rock garden with heavy boulders did have the secret of the building of pyramids, a small black box which was an antigravity device. In addition that Santorini was the lost city of Atlantis and that the two tablets of the ten commandments that Moses brought down from Mt. Sinai was nothing more than the rules of the residents of a holy city that use to be up there. That they were found where these people were buried.

There was more, an intergalactic battle that occurred in December 2011. I was there in spirit, my "soul" got there in an invisible spaceship which belonged to Dakshi and my head held the base for the weapons that destroyed the space stations of the negative beings. From January 2012 through December 2012, I sent a lot of emails regarding politics. GOP and the young guns and how they were lead by Eric Cantor who was supported by wealthy Israelis. Also about Mr. Adelson who financially supported Eric Cantor and the young guns. Also, regarding voting wrongs and state candidates who were also supported by big money and news broadcasters who were paid a lot of money by GOP supporters. I was guided through my research online and my emails went to a lady who use to be a good friend.

Now I am medicated for a manic bipolar condition, I freak out remembering some of my experiences. I am in a partial mental hospitalization program and have applied for disability not sure if I will be able to work again. I am 50 years old and I am just trying to survive. Thank God my two kids are grown up 21 and 23 years old, one in college the other graduated and employed. I am not the same anymore and am trying to figure out my existence.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my story,

Ben's Response:

Thanks for sharing your story Diane. Give yourself time to re-integrate and get grounded. Life is an ever-changing stream. I hope you will find some peace in the moment and find the balance you are seeking.

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