This just explained my whole life

by Vincent
(Orlando Florida)

I just let my spirit lead me here. People don't like me because of how i act and what i like and it's a list that can go for a while! If this is "mania," it is the best life to live. I got over a lot living like this and I never wanna be "normal"! Right now I'm being mentally trained to fight evil. Sorry but God has opened my eyes. I read this and almost cried... He led me to this so I will know I'm not alone.

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Im here! Thank God!

Ben's Response:

Vincent, I'm glad you found something to help explain these experiences. Mania is the experience of very powerful internal energy, but be aware that you can get burned by that same energy if it goes too far out of balance. Remember to keep yourself in balance first, before running too fast with that energy. Mania can be intoxicating and blissful, but it can also distort the mind and get us in a lot of trouble. Be sure to stay grounded, make sure you are getting sleep, and taking care of your basic needs, and there is no hurry. Your well being, peace of mind and love are enough to help the world. You don't have to actually do anything, but be yourself.

I wish you well.

Ben Schwarcz, MFT

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