The World Beyond

(New Zealand)

There was no doubt in my mind that I was going through was a spiritual awakening.

It was as though doors were opening to places I hadn't even contemplated. Answers to questions I hadn't even dreamed of. The world made sense.

Then medication was introduced and forms of hell took over.

That was 15 years ago now. There is still no doubt in my mind that what I and many others go through is a spiritual experience.

A few years ago my spiritual experiences became tangible mixed with the intangible & others around me witnessed them. I've had multiple angelic experiences and these have become a part of other's lives as well.

There is a spiritual realm. Most are aware of it others have chosen to ignore it. Either way it exists.

I've found creating a simpler existence helps to focus on those things of real wealth. It's all about the love, letting go of fear and changing peoples lives for the better. Whether it be a smile, a wave or a helping hand. And knowing that God accepts you and loves you. He's watching. Refining, molding. There is always hope.

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