The Restraining Order 1

by Sarah

Restraining Order 1

Restraining Order 1

A 6 month restraining order against someone in my life for harassment has been a type of imprisonment for both me and the object of the order. You are always on alert, never totally free to fly unafraid, constantly hoping not to run into individual if they live in the same town, and the confinement of oneself is for the duration of the order, though perhaps better than to return to the fear and threats of the original situation. It is a double edged sword. Return court date looms on the horizon, and seems to be coming all too quickly. Outcome is not clear. A situation that has a deeply agonizing daily battle. Protective order to a certain extent, but one's mind and soul are not protected from their own fears and speculations, and an overwhelming desire to escape. An almost indescribable dilemma. Like a nightmare you can't seem to wake up from. sac

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