The Hiding Place

by Sarah

A deep desire to disappear and go away where no one would know where I was. My situation is having to use the court system against my own son for continual written harassment by way of emails or texts, and the threats, the malice, the hatred, the judgements, the filthy names called have made me so afraid. I am wracked with anxiety,
and feel like I have lost my life. I want it back. I draw happy feel good images for children's books, but not through all this. It feels good to just put my fears, emotions, and feelings on paper through drawing.

Ben's reply:
Thank you for sharing your beautiful art Sarah. Wishing you courage and peace.


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Dec 16, 2014
by: Sarah

Really like the webpage, Ben. It looks great. Hoping that others can find some comfort or encouragement. I am working on a second page. Will send it to you when completed.


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