Client Testimonials

“Ben has helped teach me to live life on life's terms. I used to think I'm in control of my surroundings where somehow expectations always seemed to disappoint. He guided me to find solace in my breath, to allow my emotions to be present without judgment, and gave me permission to follow my bliss where I can find inner peace. I will forever appreciate his help and guidance while his energy has stuck with me all this time in continuing to do the work.

I feel as though once we turn the pages in our lives, we rarely find the time or energy to express our appreciation to those who made a difference, and this is me flexing my vulnerability as Ben made a huge impact on my life. Thank you. Thank you from my whole heart. Thank you for choosing this line of work; it truly is transformational!”

-- Sally 2021

“Good morning. The Breathwork session was amazing! Thanks again. I felt so free immediately after our session. I literally felt like I left something behind in your office, I kept thinking maybe I forgot my sweater. I felt really happy and physically good. The next day my shoulder blades felt sore, like sore muscles (maybe from the intense breathing? but it’s also where I hold my tension)... it was gone by the following day. Since my session I feel a lot less self conscious and seem to care less about what I am wearing or my appearance etc.. I have also noticed (last couple days) I am doing less mindless eating, stress eating and seem to be eating when I am actually hungry. All great things going on here!”

— Mary, 2023

"I am a business owner/contractor in S. Cal. I hired Ben help me be more proactive in business and get over my procrastination issues. I know he had worked with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs with similar issues. I'm 61 years old and have tried so many different methods over the years with very little results. Working with Ben my results were life changing and in many ways I had not expected. For the first time in 30 years I wake up joyful and optimistic every day. Before I was the ultimate pessimist. I was always worried about the future and never enjoyed the moment and now my customers feel my energy and joy and sales have improved dramatically. Ben initially asked me about my childhood and school years and I told him it was fine and I have no emotional issues to deal with. Little did I know the link between unresolved trauma from those imprint years and subconscious business blocks. We dealt with my fathers death in a car accident when I was 12 and also bullying I received at a private boys school and many other experiences that shaped my subconscious fears and blocks. My wife says I am a different person now and it's amazing how easy business is when you are proactive and joyful and fearless."

-- Rick

Hi Ben, I can’t miss thanking you for all your help. I had my big solo performance yesterday, the one I was preparing for quite a while. Overall, I am happy how it went. I was in charge and enjoying myself 70% of the time, with jitters and fears @ 20%, and unwanted situations @ 10%. This is a marked improvement. The dread and panic from the past were downgraded to (occasional) fear. At times, I felt there was a new strength, almost like a new person (or perhaps the authentic one), coexisting with the old insecurities that would ripple through and try to grip. In the past, seeing a standing- room-only audience would send me into a panic attack; yesterday, I experienced strange peace, excitement, and anticipation. Most importantly, I was often one with the music. That is a gift that brings tears to my eyes. I hope this is a new chapter for me and I want to thank you profusely for helping me. I did focused tapping daily. I need to come to terms with the intensity of breathwork and then I would contact you, if you don’t mind. Be well and healthy, all best wishes to you and your closest ones. Thank you!

- Vladimir, 2023

"What I have learned from Ben through EFT and meditation has become a big part of my personal  health practice/balance now. I was very skeptical of EFT at the start but in one session I began to experience the beginning of a transformation that would gradually  restore my life. I recommend him to my own clients and family and can't imagine anyone more trustworthy and safe to meet you wherever you are."

Kaitlyn, 2015

"I saw Ben for a number of months while I was pregnant for the first time. He helped me ease a lot of stresses and emotions surrounding my pregnancy. I felt like he tuned in on an intuitive level and this allowed for a deeper and more complete healing than if we had just done the tapping. The biggest wow I had was when he got me over my morning sickness in one session. I was not expecting that. I've also heard great things about him from others so he gets my recommendation hands down."      

    -Kat, 2015

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ben Schwarcz on multiple occasions, and I can't believe how well the EFT (aka tapping) works!   I have gone to his office completely STRESSED OUT OF MY MIND, and within an hour I will walk out of his office feeling 1000% better.  I honestly wouldn't have believed how well it works without experiencing it for myself first hand....

If you are looking to better yourself, get help dealing with issues that you have buried inside for years, clear your mind in the present to get a new game plan for current issues (personal or business), or just looking to get yourself balanced mentally...Ben is the best out there hands down!"

-Rob 2015

"The first time I met Ben I was instantly at ease.  His calm and caring demeanor created a safe space for me to share my experience.  I have done a few tapping sessions along with some hypnotherapy for issues I was having around the traumatic birth of my son.  After just one session I was able to talk about the experience without crying! Ben is truly gifted in his profession.  He combines his knowledge and ability with his intuition to guide you through your process.  Ben provides genuine compassionate care. I highly recommend him!"      

       -Annette, 2015

"I was a little nervous before meeting and tapping with Ben via Skype but it only took moments before Ben’s peaceful, calming demeanor came through and I immediately relaxed. Ben made me feel comfortable and I had this strong feeling of ~this is exactly where I am supposed to be right now~

It amazed me how quickly Ben was able to intuitively know what areas I needed immediate help with and then guide me through exercises that helped me so very much. I am hopeful for the first time in a while. I feel so fortunate to have had such a positive experience and I would recommend Ben without hesitation."

Lisa R. - Energy Coaching Client, July 2013

"I've been going to Ben periodically for the last couple years. His work is amazing! Not only is his EFT system highly effective, but Ben possesses a powerful intuition that can't be taught. He manages to strike to the heart of an issue faster than anyone I've ever worked with. Results are rapid and powerful! I've gone to him for my problems, I've gone with my wife for OUR problems, she's gone for her own problems and every time we're thrilled with the results. I've also referred several people to Ben over the years and they have all shared my enthusiasm for his work. I can't recommend him highly enough."

T.W. - 2012

"I’ve been immersed in a fairly regimented self-improvement process for over a year, in which I’ve stopped a 20+ year drinking and smoking habit and a fairly obsessive video game addiction. I am a middle aged father of 2 and have made up my mind that my next 40 years will be better than the first.

I’ve been reading and practicing inspirational self-help programs by Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill and others and engaged in Neuro-Feedback Therapy for ADD. I’ve always had trouble obtaining a relaxed mental state by breathing and emptying my mind.

By using different set-up phrases I have had more success in obtaining a more focused and relaxed mental state through EFT than any other relaxation method I’ve tried. During a session with (the prompting of) Ben, I’ve been able to have long-term relief from a fierce, daily hatred of someone, after only one session of tapping. Although I haven’t had as much success practicing by myself, I still feel a great peace in side after only a few brief rounds of tapping. My three year old son is extremely hyper and talkative at bedtime and has responded to the tapping better than turkey and warm milk as far as calming himself and going to sleep. He enjoys the process more than I expected and my wife is still in shock at how well it works.

I’ve read Ben’s book and listened to the audio book. I especially like the chapter about re-writing your childhood, and I have tapped away many old negative experiences and drawn a positive outcome and mental picture, where before there was only fear, sorrow and regret.

I’m looking forward to more sessions with Ben, as I believe that personal coaching is more effective than self-study and I would recommend Ben’s EFT methods to anyone seeking to squash old fears, regrets or negative past experiences regardless of how intense the experience."

-Allen, Santa Rosa business owner, 2012

"Before starting treatment with Ben, I was at my wits end. My life was disintegrating, and I was very close to driving away the most important people in my life for good. I knew I desperately needed help, but I also knew the standard treatment options being offered were not for me. Therapists and psychiatrists alike said medication was absolutely necessary to regain stability, while something in my gut said just the opposite. I knew there had to be another way to wellness. Fortunately, in searching for an alternative approach, I found Ben's site. Shortly after starting the steps in his Alternative Bipolar Treatment Plan, I began weekly therapy and EFT coaching sessions with Ben. In the six months since, he has helped me completely change my way of being in the world. I've rediscovered what it means to enjoy my life. My days are once again relatively peaceful, and I no longer live in constant fear of lapsing into another violent episode of mania or depression. There is still work to do, but I now feel confident in my ability to stay on track. Simply put, Ben is an extremely gifted therapist with an unbelievable ability to get to the heart of the matter using EFT - and he is an expert at providing guidance for bipolar people. He has helped me resolve issues that were unresolved in years of standard talk therapy; many of which were huge triggers for me, making resolution crucial to building a foundation of stability. He listens, he gives his gentle input and guidance, and he helps you develop the tools and knowledge to heal yourself. He is by far the most accessible and transformational therapist I have ever dealt with. Whether you are at your wits end because standard treatment is not helping you, or you are newly diagnosed and looking for an alternative approach, do yourself a favor and give Ben a call. I will be forever thankful that I did just that (and for what it's worth, my sessions are remote, as I couldn't find anyone supporting an alternative treatment approach locally - this has not diminished my results one bit!)"

-Bipolar Recovery Coaching Client, 2010

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"... I have already benefited greatly from your guided meditations and your book! I never trust anyone (especially someone I don't even know), but as I used your website and free meditation, asked you a question which you promptly answered, and moved on to your book and began regularly practicing EFT/Meridian Tapping, I began believing in your methods as the results were speaking loud and clear--relief and release from mental and emotional behaviors I have lived with my whole life, and thought I would have to live with forever. I am becoming a new person, seeing life in a whole different context, and actually being happy! While I still have a ways to go with some problems, I know that I can, and I will, make it through--thanks to you and your generosity in sharing your methods. Six months ago I was in a hospital on suicide watch; today I am actually happy and optimistic about the future. Proof that it is never to late!!"

-Jan 4/25/10

"I spent two years in therapy (conventional) with little results--even some things getting worse. I have used tapping on my binge eating with good results! When I used his guided meditation the first time, I had horrible nightmares (about my extremely abusive, alcoholic ex-husband). I thought I had already let that part of my life go, but was wrong, as Ben pointed out when I asked him about it. I have used Tapping to help me through the trauma I suffered at his hands. Guess what? No more nightmares, no anxiety if I think about him, no more shameful feelings about what I "let" him do to me. Tapping will really work--just give it a chance, and don't get discouraged if you don't get results the first time. It can take a little practice! Also, use Ben's guided meditation--you won't believe how relaxed and calm you will feel afterwards. I know I sound like a commercial, but I have had such good results, I want to share it with everyone!!"

J.P. - 4/20/10

"I know it's strange...but you gave me a real gift by letting me not get wrapped up in some one else's trash...it was a real learning experience. Thank you. Now, I am thrilled to be a part of life again...knowing I have taken back even a little control...even if it is just control over what I do with a situation that is forced on me. It's empowering. This has done more good for me than 100 different pills! It's shocking that it took so little to make things turn around...now I just need to keep re-enforcing it. Thank you so much!"

R.P. - client

"I have a lot of guided meditations of a spiritual nature… Deepak Chopra’s Chakra balancing… different ones by Kelly Howell with brainsync sound tones, I use the Insight CD you recommend… and I listen to them daily… sometimes for 2 hrs in the evening. I have a guided healing meditation that use if I wake up in the middle of the night. I have “just music” if I don’t want “words” … but I have not had the experience of what I felt just “lift” ,with your very simple guided meditation!"

-Satisfied Customer (Guided Meditation)

"I went to your website and found your “guided meditation for depression”. The 15 minute one. I laid down... just exhausted from all the inner pain and the “trying” to make is stop... and "trying to fix it"... and I listened to your guided meditation for 15 minutes. The inner pain went away. I was kind of stunned! (I meditate daily)…so I felt as if some kind of “inner demon” was tormenting me or something, and it was simply gone and I could breathe and felt I came back to myself. I felt like my self for the first time in days. The pain wasn’t just “shouting at me” nor was it simply “lurking in the background”... lurking to come back...it was gone.

-Santa Rosa client

"I am 63, a professor of communication studies and a filmmaker. Diagnosed with anxiety and depression many years ago, I had tried out various modes of therapy. As each new form of anti-depressant came out, my health coverage met the challenge. My best gauge of success -- my wife of thirty years, a nurse, noted some improvement, but specific habits lingered. Yoga made a difference in my sense of physical well being. But happiness in my work and in my creative life has been elusive.

Weekly sessions with Ben Schwarcz over the past year have dissolved quite a number of my specific negative beliefs by transforming the emotional attitudes that surrounded the self-defeating ideation. His experience in an Eastern spiritual tradition combines effectively with his training in Western psychology. An early session -- a meditation with a singing bowl -- softened my anxiety, setting the stage for problems to unwind themselves.

Ben introduced me to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). The ritual of tapping on acupressure points has worked its magic. But I think it takes a real magician to guide the tapster. Ben's ability to define an issue, and then restate in various ways the "re-programming" is amazing. EFT seems to relax inhibition, and move the creative process of narrative therapy to move forward faster. We often have good laughs as mirth replaces lament. Ben gives gentle support to guide my research into an unfolding awareness of wholeness and of the insight that cuts through old patterns of "stinking thinking."

The compassion and skill that Ben brings to this work has shifted my life-long drift toward anxious depression. His analytic questions and common sense often shine light on my confusion. Ben's modest manner and light heart helped me access the joyful energy that enlivens and benefits both me and the people I encounter.


Thank you Ben… I will look forward to when it becomes possible to see you again. Your office is a magic treasure palace of freedom and I love coming to see you...

You have given me so many gifts already! I thank you so much!

Just 2 sessions with you were really transforming! (and I know this is just the beginning of what you offer!) See…I like “tapping” with YOU because you bring in the spiritual wisdom…(letting go…not planning my “future”, trusting my inner knowing…etc) That is what is most important to me and where I am tripping myself up.

You gave me the experience of what it feels like to “tell the TRUTH about my feelings”…it’s exhilarating! It’s “sane-making”! I have been covering up uncomfortable feelings for maybe my whole life….with lies!

I saw my emotions as my “enemy” toward perfection…I had no IDEA they were my “teachers”! No idea at all!!! Now..suddenly..with your help…I actually understand this!

NOW…with EFT…something CAN be done about the hurt or anger…so I am FREE to tell the truth..look forward to tell the truth to myself….give gratitude for “negative emotions”..because they are a path to healing….

THIS one THING is turning around my life experience!!! Just this one thing!

Santa Rosa, Energy Coaching Client

"Almost 50 years after being sexually mistreated, I met Ben Schwarcz. He was able to gain my trust almost immediately, allowing me to discuss incidents that I had kept hidden even from myself. Unburdened, I now live without a black cloud following me wherever I go. I wish I had met someone like him many years ago."

- R.L., Santa Rosa, CA

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