Teenage Social skills

My daughter has always refused to leave the house during the summer, but she normally leaves around 4 times with her friends. This year she refuses to leave. She would much rather watch Netflix all day and occasionally read. Whenever I bring it up she claims she gets out enough because she has a drivers ed class every weekday for a months (it's only 3hrs a day at most). She is more than willing to run errands with me during the weekends. It's not like I don't love having her around, but my oldest has never had these issues getting out of the house. I am worried she isn't developing the social skills she needs. What can I do?

Ben's Answer:

My advice: nix the netflix. Make a deal - go out at and do something with other kids, friends, whatever, several times a week, or no movies. It's not like you're making her eat worms, or locking her in the basement. You just want to apply a little leverage to get her out among peers. She'll thank you for it later.

Ben Schwarcz, MFT

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