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"Tapping," the common term referring to the Energy Psychology technique, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), is revolutionizing the field of therapy and medicine. Even chronic and long-standing issues - be they physical, emotional, or mental - are often eliminated within seconds, or minutes, instead of weeks, months or years of traditional therapy, medication, and intrusive medical procedures.

The method involves tapping (of course!), with two finger tips, on a series of pressure points on the head and upper body while focusing in a particular way on the problem or symptom you are trying to resolve.

The technique can be easily learned and applied, and is extremely safe, but often, working with a therapist at first can produce better results. Identifying and staying focused on core issues is very important to get the best outcome. Once learned, most people can continue apply the technique to themselves in order to prevent relapse, or address new issues that may come up in their life.

EFT and other Energy Psychology techniques are a simple way to disrupt and reset the nervous system, so that the emotional/energetic symptom (that you experience as pain or guilt, or depression, or anger, etc) is no longer triggered.

Great results can be achieved for everything from improving your golf scores, to weight loss and food cravings, to addictions of all kinds, withdrawal symptoms, unresolved trauma, phobias, depression, headaches and much more.

This method is also a perfect way to help children with emotional issues, and is a valuable, and non-threatening way to empower kids to cope with all sorts of difficulties. Young kids like it because it's so easy and miraculous, it's like "magic." It has even been used effectively with learning disabilities, dyslexia, and nightmares.

The motto of all practitioners: "Try it on Everything!"

Learn more about Tapping and Energy Psychology.

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