Surviving the UK Mental Health System - Bipolar diagnosis

by Katie


This is totally accurate and completely describes what I experienced after reaching a 'manic' phase after taking too many drugs and after having used these to pull out my issues by the roots. Once I stopped taking the drugs, I entered the 'manic' phase where I dropped into an altered state of reality. There are many different theories about this out there but I believe that it is something to do with genetic combinations. I have now been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

I know for a fact that this was spiritual awakening, enlightenment or ascension - whatever you want to call it. I can control my demeanour relatively easily so emerged intact. I also know what to say and when to say it. Within the UK, if you were to go through this experience and weren't completely grounded beforehand, or hadn't combated your ego to a significant enough degree, you would end up both medicated to the eyeballs and viewed as a nutter by your doctors, friends and family who do not necessarily have the capacity to understand what you are experiencing. The western world is over-educated and therefore too left-brained to absorb the information that is presented to them, even though many of the people who reach mental health services are telling them the same things and experiencing the same 'delusions' over and over again.

You would think that this pattern would tell them something, but no, it's easier to stick to what you know than it is to investigate this further.

Anyway, just wanted to confirm what you were saying and to thank you for putting this out there - it will help many people..


Ben's Response:

Thanks Katie. I agree, staying grounded and having a balanced relationship with your ego is a very important aspect of making it through an episode intact.

Take Care,

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Dec 29, 2014
Heightened Awareness
by: Daniel

This summer (2014) I experienced only what I personally can describe as a heightened awareness.I have always considered myself a 'truth seeker' and somewhat more 'eccentric' than a lot of people around me. This summer, I spent a lot of time walking in the countryside near where I live with my parents. I started experiencing a lot of synchronised events that increased in volume the more I noticed them. I also found that people were drawn to me and seemed to be touched by my opinions I was trying to express regarding the innate understanding of the universe I started to feel we all have. I realised the connectedness of everything and transcended beyond usual thought patterns of fear and anxiety.Everything in nature seemed vivid, the colours and sounds, and I seemed to naturally just 'know' that everything just 'was' and therefore was beyond analysis becasue it just 'was'. However, as I had struggled with drinking to suppress the immense amounts of energy I would sometimes feel, I was actually sent to prison for too many 'public drunkenness' episodes (UK) And now I am back at home, I have sort of crashed down from the high frequency I felt I was on and now am struggling to get out of bed, I have no energy compared to months of existing on little sleep yet still feeling inspired and 'on top of the world'. Basically my family just believe that I was experiencing psychosis and it's hard to communicate the 'truths' I felt I had reached, and how wonderful and amazing that experience was.There was even one episode of experiencing a prophetic dream warning of danger from a particular person that actually manifested itself in reality, but due to the dream and the heightened sense of awareness I actually avoided the situation.But again, people around me just do not 'hear' me when I explain any of these things. All of these things are discounted and I am just considered someone with 'depression' or someone who is Bi-Polar, although I have not been diagnosed. Even when I was on a 'high' and experiencing all these wonderful things, family members were trying to tell me I wasn't happy and that I might be depressed. Now I do feel down, I almost perceive people to almost feel more at ease (family) as if that state just confirms certain things about me , so they can discount everything else and just label me. I am sorry to ramble on, it was just a relief to find this portal through which others might not just dismiss me so easily. Thank you.

Mar 20, 2013
Just wanted to thank you for your contribution
by: Miguel

Thank You Katie. It was a pleasure to read your comments about your own experiences with altered states/spirtual awakening. Sean Blackwell has a lot to say about this on his youtube channel. It is great that you stayed so strong through your episode(s) and were street wise with regards to what to say and when to say it. Thank you for your contribution. It is plain to see at least to me that you have a clear head and heart and will be bringing consciousness and great intelligence to this world in whatever ways you do. Thank you again for your level of intelligence and strength. Your presence and contribution is welcomed fully by me.

Sincerely, Michael Norton ;)

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