spiritual rebirth & bipolar mania

by Dawn D.
(PA )

I was diagnosed with bipolar mania or type 1 In 2008. I had originally showed symptoms of bipolar depression when I was only 13. Which would've been like 2001. Anyway, I had every symptom on the list. Such as addictions, insomnia, racing thoughts, outbursts, at times a lot of productivity & euphoria, other times risky behavior, anger, & isolation. My eating habits were terrible and I would lose extreme amounts of weight quickly. I also suffered from sever panic attacks and sleep paralysis. The sleep paralysis was triggered by a spontaneous OBE I believe in 2009. I had memory loss and many other symptoms. The spontaneous OBE was actually triggered by the death of a loved on. I had saw him when it happened. After he died the same year I was actually diagnosed, my problems only got worse. I feared death at that point & couldn't cope with the pain. He was my step brother who was only a year older than me. I had got with my fiancé not even a year before I was diagnosed (2007) My problems also seemed worse after getting with him. This was due to how comfortable I was around him. All my childhood pain and what not was surfacing. Together, we suffered through a chain of bad events. We both worked full time and had our own place together. I even had outbursts at work a few times. Good thing I worked alone lol. Even though I had all these problems, it was confusing to me why. I had a lot of love in my heart and didn't want to be the way I was. I began rapid cycling after having my son in 2013. Anyway, last year I had a spontaneous near death-like experience or kundalini awakening. I wasn't injured. Me and my fiancé were separated for 6 mths and we were still separated when this had happened. Before we separated, we hit rock bottom. I lost everything & everyone. There were a lot of synchronicities and strange occurances during this time. We had got together that night just to talk about things. We weren't doing well being separated. Especially him. I had been just following my gut. He was homeless at the time and I had been taking care of our infant son. As we talked, I began having strong realization of the weaknesses I had prior and so forth. I then stumbled upon an article that triggered really deep feelings. All of a sudden, a light emerged from somewhere. It was source energy or God. I saw holographic images of my step brother and curtain people in my life. I had wisdom flowing into me from a higher place. While this was happening, I could hear my fiancé (ex at the time) talking to me but he sounded muffled. I was in shock and couldn't move away from this light nor did I want to. He told me afterwards that I was pale, stiff, eyes open, hairs standing, and just staring off. After this happened, everything made sense. I didn't blame anyone or anything in my life for the way it was. I began free writing and filling up all these journals. I had lost sense of self and time after this for months. I was so happy, it was like heaven on earth. It felt as if I had died and was reborn a different person. Ever since, life has actually gotten harder but nothing seems to phase me. I believe that I had mood swings in the past because I didn't resist my emotions. Which was good. I had been on zyprexa, depakote, and other meds on and off but had a deep feeling that there was something more. I believe that one has to feel complete separation before finding that separation is an illusion and to feel oneness with everything. I am able to separate my ego from my soul knowing. Before, it was like a conflict. The ego never actually "dies", it's here to keep us grounded. But it's important to step away from it. To release false beliefs and low frequency attachments so that you can raise your frequency. I started seeing auras and having psychic abilities after this happened. I'm also able to induce out of body experiences without having any fear. Astral projection has taught me so much about what more we are and what's beyond the physical reality. Our beliefs always change but we never awaken out of love. Love and intuition can guide you through this. Have faith in yourself. We are all expressions of God and each other. I have made facebook groups and videos on this. I pray that this information gets out there because we are evolving more quickly before and it's important to remain positive. This is my perspective from my experience. Thank you for reading.

Thank you for sharing this inspiring story. Wishing you well.


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