Spiritual Coaching

How is Spiritual Coaching Different?

Spiritual Coaching provides guidance and accountability, as well as utilizing powerful transformational methods of personal development on all levels of being. While traditional coaching offers tools for overcoming mental and emotional obstacles, spiritual coaching supports the client in expanding that newfound sense of freedom and awareness to develop even greater wisdom, intuition, peak performance, and spiritual growth.

Spiritual life coaching does not have anything to do with your religion or personal spiritual beliefs. It is for people who (with or without the framework of religion), desire a deeper understanding of themselves, the nature of consciousness, their relationship to the world and to nature, and a yearning for a clear sense of purpose.

My Coaching approaches are based on my experience and training in Transpersonal Psychology, Vision Quest facilitation, Mindfulness and Yogic Meditation, and the field of Energy Psychology.

EFT Tapping and Energy Psychology

My central framework for helping my clients to shift their mindset and break out of old self-limiting identities, is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), an acupressure-based technique that integrates mind and body, conscious and unconscious, head and heart for deep transformation.

EFT is a cutting edge technique with an extensive body of research behind it, demonstrating its benefits in releasing unresolved past emotional trauma as well as helping anxiety, mood and phobias among other things.

In Spiritual Coaching, I use EFT not just to release fears and mental and emotional blocks, but also to reach deeper levels of relaxation, inner focus, and peak performance (sometimes called getting in the 'zone'). EFT is excellent for releasing attachments, obsessions and unhealthy habits, and can help you to establish new healthy routines and attitudes that promote peace of mind, health, vitality, balance and success.

Because many of my approaches utilize Energy Psychology, I sometimes refer to my coaching as "Energy Coaching." Working with energy is a powerful way to involve all levels of your being in the process of healing and transformation. Energy can be approached from the physical level, the emotional, the mental/thought level, and the spiritual or subtle body level. Because of it's multidimensional potential, there are endless possibilities for deep changes when shifting our energy.

Scientists generally refer to all of these life energies as the "Biofield," a measurable interconnected system of energy that relates to every aspect of our life and our consciousness.

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Office visits available in Santa Rosa and Greater SF Bay Area, California, Boulder, Colorado and remotely via Phone and Video/Skype Conference.

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