Spirit Walker

by Candy

I am interesting to say the least. I tend to think I'm smart and a deep thinker. I often say it's lonely at the top! But alas we all know it isn't that I'm all that, I'm just in tune with my intuition and can forsee things in a different way than most individuals. Don't ask me if I'm crazy or a freak, this only makes me sad and my feelings hurt deep, so deep I feel it in the palms of my hands. They will ache and I am lost within my thoughts of not being good enough.

I can see things inside my head, and seem to know when someone is lying to me. I ask the universe to oversee my deficits and point me in the right direction. This is a challenging life, but always one worth living. I thought of suicide since I was a nine year old girl. This is tough to live with but I add humor to soften the daily blows of depression and ignorant people.

We are so often misunderstood, the world isn't so kind. Take the high road and you will do fine. Tears are good!

Ben's Response:

Many of the Bipolar-diagnosed people I've known are extremely sensitive to those around them, other people's emotions and energy and the state of the world in general. What might be nurtured and developed as a gift in certain cultures, can become a terrible, painful burden in the western world, and with that added stress, emotional and energetic overwhelm can be the result. Be kind to yourself... self-acceptance is the first key to peace of mind.

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