Shamanic Crisis...The Story of 2 Doves

by Michelle
(Luca IA, USA)

The Story of Two Doves

Back when I was having an insight to my authentic higher self, I had the vision of a rock splitting into three pieces and from the opening out flew doves. Two to be exact. Later when I was put into the hospital (a mental one) I met someone who had been to a sweat lodge ceremony in which all present watched one of the steaming rocks split into three pieces and the vision of two doves flying out was seen by all. I took this as a sign that my vision was part of a bigger piece of the puzzle in my life. As Dream Catcher spoke of the vision I knew my name in my heart. For I have described myself before my mental breakdown as a rock which had split into three pieces regarding my soul and the paths I could take in respect to my spirituality. This being following the Red Road, being Jewish as my grandfather was or being Catholic. In the end of my journey I am home finally for I am a Catholic in heart, soul and mind. I have been able to meld these three aspects of myself into one being. I have taken the name Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha to honor my Native American friend I always keep in mind whose perfect love and devotion to Jesus I hope to emulate, and Dove my pen name to honor my Jewish heart which adds up to me, Mickey a soon to be confirmed Catholic in soul. I am one rock whole in strength of one spiritual being, Michelle Marie Allen. This is my story of my spiritual quest now complete. For I serve the Light of the World, Jesus Christ. This is my story.

Thank you for sharing this personal story - very beautiful!


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