Schedule a Session with
Ben Schwarcz

To schedule a session - either for an office visit, phone, or Video call - please book online or call Ben's office directly at:


Calls are normally returned by the next business day

Updated: August 2018


Initial Inquiry by phone: ALWAYS FREE!


Option 1:   Pay per session: $200 per 60 minute session

Option 2:   Discount Packages @rate of $175 per session.

         (A)  12-Session Package (3 months of weekly sessions):

  • Weekly Sessions
  • Email Support, up to 2 times between each weekly session.
  • Payment is for the full 3 month period.

        (B)   24-Session Package (6 months of weekly sessions)

  • Weekly Sessions, or twice weekly
  • Email Support, 1 email between weekly sessions
  • payments may be made monthly for this plan.

Payments are made prior to our scheduled sessions, and can be paid securely online through PayPal:

You have the option of booking a session online, at a time that is convenient for you. After making a payment using the PayPal link above, your session will be confirmed.

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