by Leandre

Hi, I'm 18 and am diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I had psychosis 11 months ago. Now I am getting off my meds because I feel I want to experience that psychosis again, i feel like something great can happen from it if you learn to be calm and control yourself during it. Maybe I'll have a great idea and will make great music and become heard more because of it, but maybe the mania won't even set in. We will see. let me know what you all think of that.

Email me @ if you have anything personal you want to discuss, maybe you too are planning on the same thing.

Ben's Response:

I don't recommend making psychosis your goal. Psychosis is not a functional state to be in. Even though a manic experience may open some people up to a flood of creative energy, it can also create massive chaos, ruined relationships, and dangerous situations that can endanger yourself or others, and leave you with a lot of regrets.

Exploring the boundaries of your consciousness is fine when done responsibly, but psychosis is an unpredictable state, like a hallucinogenic drug experience that doesn't end, exhausts your energy as well as the people in your life, and can impair your judgment.

I know it can be very tempting to set yourself up for another manic episode, but I strongly recommend that you seek a balanced, sustainable, natural state, and do not attempt to quit your meds without the guidance of a competent doctor, Naturopathic Doctor or other professional medical expert.

Calm, controlled, balanced and stable is a good goal... psychosis and mania are not sustainable and are very risky. It's never the same twice. In that state you might believe you are the best musician on the planet, while everyone else just thinks you've lost your mind. You can't be successful unless you are grounded.

Please be safe, and be mindful.

Ben Schwarcz


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Oct 14, 2013

I am not really heading for psychosis as much as mania. Last time it occured, I believe it was a spiritual thing and due to the reaction of my parents and doctors I did not get the chance to explore this experience to the fullest. Now I want to see if it will occur again. I am grounded in my natural state and I believe mania itself is a natural state just uplifted and we're meant to master it.

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