Psychology of Success

Power Tapping for the Entrepreneur

Part 1: Psychology of Success Foundational Videos -
Releasing Blocks to Successful Business

Having a clear vision of your future self, and your future business is the only way to be the captain of your own ship. But it is important that your vision be aligned with your heart and soul. It has to inspire and excite you, or you will lose your interest in it and it will fade away. A truly inspired vision will move you to take action. Not only will it draw your future self into your present life, it will raise your energy and motivation, and ease the way for you to connect with the right people, and take the right action steps to reach your goals.

It has to start from the inside.

Psychology of Success: Video 1

Tapping your Vision

EFT Tapping is the perfect way to remove the hidden fears, blank mind and blocks to having a clear and inspired vision!

Psychology of Success: Video #2

"The Hard Way is (not) the Only Way!"

The messages and beliefs that we are taught in our childhoods leave a deep and lasting impression. Often I hear people describe optimism as "unrealistic," and yet they associate struggle, mistrust and cynicism with "being a realist." Well, the reality that I choose to live in is one where more good things happen then bad things, and where the qualities of trust, surrender, acceptance and positive expectation open the door to more positive experiences and greater success.

Psychology of Success: Video #3

"To Be Successful, I have to Sacrifice Everything (not)"

A common barrier to success, is the belief that you must spend all your time working and therefor have to sacrifice your time with family and loved ones. This internal conflict can cause your business to actually slow down, because you are subconsciously fearful of new business.

Tapping can help to remove this inner conflict from your subconscious mind, to free you up to discover new opportunities and ways to create balance between work and personal life.

Psychology of Success: Tapping Video #4

Tapping for Work Stress: "It's all up to me, and I can't ask for help..."

Small business owners often carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. It may feel like it's all up to you, your family is depending on you, and you can't ask for help. This can add a lot of unnecessary stress and pressure. Letting go of the feeling, and the belief that you have to do it all yourself, can free you up and open you to more options and more ease in your work life.

Psychology of Success: Tapping Video #5

"I feel like a Fraud, a Fake, an Imposter!"

No matter how much experience, credibility or skill a person has, we often have to face the insecurity that comes as we grow. This self-doubt can be crippling to the success of our business. Voicing these negative thoughts and fears while tapping, can quickly release that feeling of being a fraud or a fake, and bring you back to a state of self trust, self-acceptance and confidence. Don't be afraid to speak the negative. Tap it out!

Part 2: Discovering that You Are a Gift to the World -

Expanding your Vision to Access your True Potential for Selfless Action and Conscious Business

The Audio Below is an 11-minute guided visualization to elevate and expand your vision for doing conscious business, freeing you to do what you love and love what you do, without the stress, worry and attachment of your lower survival fears. When we can eliminate fear and act from pure Love - all things become possible, work becomes play, and life is filled with Joy. Our greatest gifts can only be discovered when given unconditionally and without expectation or desire for something back.

Tapping Away Fears and Other Money Blockers

Fear of not having enough, causes us to prolong our state of not having enough. Worry, anxiety, stress and dread about not having enough keeps us from getting the object of our desire and keeps our goals out of reach. The next two videos address this issue of desire and obsessive focus on money, in order to develop a feeling of trust, surrender and peace so that we can easily increase our wealth. It is not usually the conscious mind that is the problem - it is the unconscious fears, beliefs and negative thoughts about money that keep it beyond our grasp.

Video 2: Releasing Money Obsession, to Attract More

Learn about Psychology of Success Transformational Coaching

Please check back each day for the latest tapping videos for success!

What do you get when you put 20 business people in a room with a Transformational Coach and a CPA?

Power Tapping for the Entrepreneur
Transcending the usual business approach

A Local Sonoma County Experiential Course for Business Owners Seeking to Overcome their Internal Barriers to Success

  • Experience the power of EFT/Meridian Tapping to release subconscious fears, and reprogram your mind for success!
  • Find your own out-of-the-box, authentic relationship to your work.
  • Resolve inner conflicts that block the flow of business growth.
  • Learn practical tools to manage the financial aspects of your business.
  • Understand the value of a business plan, financial statements, budgeting and tax planning.

Date to be detrmined

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Call now to reserve your spot!

500 N. Main St., Suite 110, Sebastopol, CA 95472
(Ground floor of the Methodist Church across from Safeway)

Limited Space Available Please RSVP to Patricia Gay

Patricia Gay, CPA, has over 25 years of accounting, controllership and tax experiences. Her broad professional experience gives her a unique perspective of diverse client needs and regulatory requirements, while her educational background — a BBA in Accounting and an MA in Counseling Psychology - reflects her philosophy of
“finding the human behind the numbers.”
Her office is in Sebastopol, CA. 707-861-1120

Benjamin Schwarcz, MA, MFT, is a Life Coach and Licensed Psychotherapist, specializing in Meridian Tapping techniques for rapid transformation. Ben has been a counselor for 22 years and works with clients locally, as well as internationally.
His office in in Santa Rosa. 707-326-5566

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