paranoid schizophrenia

by narayana

I've been on medication for 4.5 years. Doctors said i have paranoid schizophrenia. How long more should i take medication or do i have to stay on it for life time?

Ben's Answer:

I can't advise you on how long to take your medications. Most doctors would say you can never stop taking your medication. Other experts might say that eventually you can decrease or even stop - but that's not the mainstream view.

I heard a wonderful doctor give a presentation to a lecture hall full of mental health professionals, social workers, and psychiatrists in my town. The speaker was a psychiatrist who himself was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia in his early 20's. He was hospitalized several times with severe delusions. Eventually, with the support of an excellent therapist who believed in him, he became a psychiatrist and recovered completely. He no longer has symptoms of schizophrenia and does not take medication. He believes in "recovery" rather than the "chronic illness" model that most mental health professionals hold. The key element that allows healing to happen is a relationship with someone who believes in you and gives you hope.

His name is Daniel Fisher. You can watch a video interview of him here:

Learn more about Daniel Fisher and recovery from "chronic mental illness" here:

National Empowerment Center

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