Overwhelmed with Creativity

by James

I'm writing a book or at least I think I am. I believe it to be great and something of beauty. Problems is, it's curing and affecting my thinking at the same time. My mind is like a beautiful beast that I cannot seem to curtail. Solitude is no sacrifice, to catch a glimpse of paradise however, I feel what I want (ie my ambitions) are not worth the trouble they're turning out to be. Where I want to go conflicts with everything sometimes and hurting others including myself. What do i do, is it worth it???

Ben's Answer:

The creative force, when given free expression can sometimes be overwhelming. Don't lose sight of the need for balance in your life, but don't fear your creative impulses. Imagination is a blessing. Do what brings you peace. Peace is never to be found in the mind. Real peace only comes when the mind is still - and then it's No-Mind. If your mind is too crowded and feeling conflicted - then take a break, let it rest, and make peace the first priority.

Take Care,

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