Nylon Fetish

by Gene S.

I have been seeing a therapist. She brought up the subject of sex. Then she asked me if I had any fetishes, and I told her yes a fetish for nylons. She asked me if I ever wore them, and I told her "no." She then told me I should experiment with them. I forget to ask her why. could you please tell me why she said I should experiment with them? Thank You.

Ben's Answer:

In my (strong) opinion - there is no therapeutic reason why your therapist should suggest that you do such a thing. I would be wondering if your therapist doesn't have her own fetish about men who wear nylons. Her suggestion seems very inappropriate to me, (based on the limited amount of information you shared about this). Her whole line of questioning sounds intrusive to me, and I don't understand what purpose it could serve.

The subject of sex and sexuality can be very appropriate in therapy, but it is usually the client who leads the therapist in talking about this - not the other way around. These seem to be very intrusive, probing, and leading questions, and I would question her judgment.

Trust you own intuition, and if a therapist ever tells you to do something that doesn't feel right to you, don't do it.

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