Not really a question, just thought you might be interested in this

by Lisa
(El Dorado County, CA)

I found your web site about two years ago. It was a great find and really helped me a lot. I found some online poetry groups that I could work towards self expression, and continue to look for new groups that help me grow and meet my needs as they come up.

One of the really good sites I found was the Amida Trust ning site. This is a Buddhist group that uses that practice and something called "Other Centered Approaches" to help with mental health.

In our world where interpersonal relationships are so challenging and then give the added hurdle of an interpersonal relationship struggle, well, phew!

In my own emotional health journey I have dealt with some of the bad side effects of hypomania. A very high sex drive that leads to destructive sexual habits. I also deal with the challenge of being an intelligent person, but interpersonal relationships are hard. I am a very nice, sensitive person, can be opinionated, but find myself being run over by people and I find it hard to compete in a world where smart alec-ness is more prized and chosen, that "mean" spirit that can boss people around gets you the job.

I have tended to burn bridges rather than build them even though this is not what I want to do.

no real question, just wanted to pass on some info.

Ben's Reply:

I'm glad you found support on my site - and glad you've returned after 2 finding it 2 years ago...
Thanks for the resource! Poetry is a wonderful avenue for healing. As an advocate of EFT/Tapping for healing and growth, I love integrating poetry into tapping. I may do a webinar on that subject in fact. If you're interested in upcoming free Tapping Webinars, you can pre-register on my coaching site:

Best Wishes,

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