Natural Bipolar Remedies

I have suffered from Bipolar for a number of years now, and currently am on Prozac and Lamotrigine to remedy this. However I want to switch to a more natural remedy, and was wanting to ask your advice. What would you recommend? St Johns Wort? Is there anything that I could take to help with mood stability?

Ben's Answer:

Unfortunately many of the natural remedies have just as variable an effect as Rx meds; that is, St John's Wort might help one person to not get depressed, while it may trigger mania in another person. Prozac can also cause mania - but you are also on Lamictal - a mood stabilizer to counter the Prozac.

The one thing that I have seen get real and lasting results for Bipolar Disorder, is a supplement called EmPower Plus - sold by a company called TrueHope ( I have seen several people successfully switch from psych meds, to this supplement and do very well. The staff at TrueHope are available to guide you by phone, with weekly calls - or more. They will tell you specifically how much to reduce your current medication each week, as you increase the dosage of the supplements.

On your own, Omega-3 fatty acids -- from either good quality Fish Oil (like Carlson's or Nordic Naturals), or from Neptune Krill Oil, and Vitamin B-complex are both very important for mood stability -and are quite safe. This alone may not be enough. Weekly therapy, a support group, exercise, yoga/meditation, and daily practice of Meridian Tapping are all extremely helpful practices that may also stabilize the mood and reduce the need for medication.

Take Care,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT
Santa Rosa Psychotherapist

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