My Struggle into Freedom

by Kay S
(United States)

hello, thank you the opportunity to tell my story.
I am a young woman, late twenties, trying to figure out what was happening to me. I will start with what is my understanding as to what is truly happening to me....

All my life I had numerous unexplained circumstances happen. I tossed them off as my imagination, as my family repeatedly would tell me. My experiences were way beyond coincidences... as they happened way to often and numerous times a day. So, for most my teenage and early twenties, I would keep my experiences to myself :). It wasn't until college, that I was beginning to wonder what this really was. How do these things happen all the time? I began questioning everything! How come I know what my friends are thinking or feeling before we would even talk? How come I can always tell if someone is telling a lie? I questioned my faith in religion. These things began to overwhelm me. There was so much more than living on earth and doing the 8 hr work day to only going home to be bombarded with more work, housework, raising a family, etc... how can we people live like robots in a trance? Same thing day in and out? This to me was....crazy, insane.

Upon completing college in 2004, I set out to become a law enforcement officer. Mostly, I loved the idea that I could help the ones that were actually wanting for some type of help. As I feel my best when I know that I have helped someone someway at the end of day. So my spiritual journey began 400 miles from my hometown. In 2007, I was a peace officer, not quite law enforcement but close in a lot of ways. This is when the unexplained DeJa Vu' started. Everyday, 5,6,7, or more times a day I would get this feeling that I was here before, this happened, I remember this but how? This started to become very distracting. Then I met my soul mate, my fiance now. He was the one that I knew would understand what was happening to me. He was a great listener, then I knew I would confide in him my other experiences with feeling, and sometimes seeing and communicating with spirits. He believed me, but I too have a hard believing it too sometimes! :)

In 2009, I suddenly came down with an illness that happened over night. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and Lupus. The strange thing is that all my tests all normal, even saw a therapist, and was assured that I was not crazy :) So this last year was extremely painful with a definite sense of depression following. This is when I had my spiritual awakening......

2010, I finally got all the answers for what had been troubling me for years. I sought out spiritual insight and it found me. Thanks to my spiritual teacher, and my spirit guides. My understanding.......I felt confused to who I was. So, I made a choice. I Accepted the possibility that there is definitely a spiritual influence in all of us!!! As to the question of am I bi-polar? having manic episodes? No, I have had enough experiences in my life to know that it is a definite spiritual awakening and a shedding of this horrible ego. The ego gets in the way with a lot of our daily struggles, but when we start to think with or hearts and intuition, the struggles don't seem that big anymore. Thank you for the opportunity to express my thoughts!

Ben's Response

Thanks for sharing your story!

Wishing you Happiness and Peace.


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