my spiritual awakening

by Erica hoyl

I was having an episode and binging on all the Adderall, lortabs, and methadone I could get a hold of. Somehow all of this thinking and questions arose about why im having these experiences of highs and lows and euphoria. So I started to realize that Maybe this problem was not with my mental state...but my spiritual one. So furthermore I started to meditate everyday. I would sit on top of my car outside the small town I lived in and listen to music while letting go of all negative energy and absorbing the suns life energy. I could feel myself begin to heal in all ways. The more I practiced this meditation the better my life was getting. See...I was researching in my mania about quantum physics and it led me to believe my thoughts really do influence the world around me.then I could see clearer think clearer and felt like I was ONE with the earth and her inhabitants. It was the best time of my family started to see a difference in me and my friends were asking what I did different.

Ben's reply:

Aside from the dangerous binging on meds, it sounds like you've had some wonderful realizations. Just be sure to proceed in a balanced and grounded way. Meditation can be powerful. So can connecting with the sun. It is extremely important that you literally ground yourself - what is also called "Earthing" - by putting your bare feet on the natural earth. This has a naturally calming and healing effect on the body and nervous system, reduces inflammation in the body, regulates sleep cycles and is beneficial in numerous ways. 30 minutes a day of earthing (or more) is recommended. There is a fantastic book on the subject (called "Earthing" - backed by many scientific studies) and also a documentary called "Grounding" that you can find on youtube.

Take care,

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