My mom is constantly trying to stop me from reading and writing

Hello there. I have always loved to read. It's one of the only things I truly find enjoyable. I read all the time, usually over four hours a day. Recently, I've been starting to think, "why can't I do that?" So a couple weeks ago, I started writing a novel. Reading and writing take up most of my down time, and it makes me really happy, but for some reason, my mum hates when I read or write. She tells me to get out of the house and do something with my life, (but there's not much I can do, seeing as I only just turned fifteen and don't have my driver's license yet). We always get in fights about how much I read/write, and they usually end with her screaming at me to get a normal life. She's even gone so far as to hide my books (I have a lot of books, mind you) and laptop, so I actually couldn't read or write. As I said before, I love reading and writing, and I am truly happy with being a book nerd, so why can't my mum just accept that? Sometimes I wonder whether or not she cares for me and my happiness. Why can't she just let me read and write?

Ben's Answer:

I think it's wonderful that you love to read and write. You are extremely lucky to know what you love and are passionate about. Most people in this world have no clue what really makes them happy or what they are really good at. Don't let anyone ever take that away from you. In fact, they cannot take that from you. Even without your laptop or your books, you are a writer. People have written epic novels while sitting for years in isolated jail cells. So you can always find a way. See your mom's opposition as a way that the universe is testing you to make sure you aren't going to just give up so easily. Don't take her actions personally. She's obviously got some issue of her own, that makes her unable to recognize the incredible gift that is right in front of her. Don't get heavy-hearted about it. Maybe your mom thinks you are too isolated or not social enough. Parents often act this way out of fear and worry. If she wants you to go out, then go to a cafe and do some writing!

Adversity is the friction that inspires the greatest art, music and writing. If it was all so easy, you might not write as well. Having a challenge in life will add energy and power to your material. Treat it like a game. Never give up doing what you love. Have faith, be patient and stay excited about your future. Good things are surely coming your way, if you just keep believing in yourself.

Take Care,
Ben Schwarcz

p.s. I'd love to read your first novel

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