Moving too fast - no time for the soul

by Deepak

Thanks a lot for your very quick response to my worry. I would like to clarify that I speak a bit fast since childhood. From quite sometime, there has been some family problems on my side along with huge growth in business. I have remained much burdened in past 1-2 years like mobile phone ringing all the time and perhaps i didn't get enough time for my own soul. I am in a kind of hurry and anxiety always and i simply want to get rid of it. I want to be slow and patient and want to be at one place only at a time. Maybe that can be solution to my problems. I am sure God is going to help me out of this situation as i have been enjoying his grace always.

Thanks to you for your deep concern and sparing your precious time in understanding my problem
Good Day

Ben's Answer:

Making time to feed your soul is of the utmost importance and you would do best to make it a top priority. It's better to work to live, than to live to work.

If you want more private consultation to work on these issues through coaching, EFT or Meditation, let me know.

Best Wishes,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT
Psychotherapy and Coaching

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