Meridian Tapping

Meridian Tapping Techniques (MTT) include popular Energy Healing methods such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) as well as other variations of this technique of tapping or rubbing a sequence of key energy points for emotional as well as physical well-being.

"This may be the biggest breakthrough in
Medicine and Psychology in the last century."

- Dr. Dawson Church - Energy Psychology researcher and Author of Genie in your Genes

Variously called "Energy Tapping," "Meridian Tapping Techniques," and Emotional Freedom Techniques® or “EFT” - tapping is an amazing Energy Psychology technique that can be easily learned and self-applied for an enormous array of problems. It is excellent for depression, as well as many other emotional issues as well as phobias, fears, traumas, negative thoughts, and even for many physical problems such as pain.

I believe that Tapping methods such as EFT and the many other Energy Psychology techniques that are rapidly evolving today, will be the first treatment of choice for all healing – even among mainstream doctors – in the next ten years.

The method involves simple tapping on a sequence of acupressure points on yourself (or someone else can tap on them for you), while keeping the mind focused on the specific symptom or disturbance that you are wishing to eliminate. There is an art to doing this effectively, but even beginners can often achieve a high success rate immediately.

The light tapping on the sequence of 8 major meridian points produces a feeling of relaxation, inner calm, and peace for most people. For others the affect is more dramatic and they feel tingly, giddy, very deeply relaxed, or pleasantly energized after one or more rounds of tapping (regardless of the issue they are treating).

By tapping on these electrochemical activation points, the nervous system is balanced, and the emotional center of the brain (the amygdala) ceases it's reactivity to the disturbing negative thought, image, memory, or whatever the case may be. Studies now show that tapping quickly reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Saying key words and phrases out loud as you tap on each point, helps to focus in on the core issue, essentially collapsing it. Once resolved, it is usually a permanent change.

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It will be some years before most therapists, psychiatrists and doctors accept energy healing modalities such as Meridian Tapping and see their true potential. But once it catches on, there will be no turning back to the long, painful, arduous process of traditional psychotherapy and ineffective medical treatments.

Working with a coach or therapist who is trained and experienced in the use of Tapping can greatly improve your rate of success, by keeping you focused, and helping to identify core issues to work on. To schedule a Tapping session, please complete the form below.

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