Manic Awakening

I think any experience can be a positive or negative depending upon the context in which it is viewed. In this society, anything that deviates from the norm is seen as something to be ashamed of, shunned, drugged, and "fixed." I hold a different view. Unless the person is a danger to themself or others, they should be free to experience EVERYTHING about themselves. Free thought and expression is a danger to the status quo, and it has been for millennia. I enjoy feeling manic to be quiet honest. It doesn't interfere with my life in any way. I find that during these times the ego is diminished and my more authentic self emerges. I found god recently and found him/her within and all around me. All I have to do is ask for his/her love and I'm filled with the most beautiful, warm, loving energy. Try it. Even if you're an atheist as I was.

Ben's Reply:

A beautiful description of the positive aspects of mania. You are fortunate to have had such an experience and come back with such clarity. The ability to "integrate" afterwards, to return to the everyday world and recognize the insights gained, is of great value.


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