Making choices/finish what You Start

by Carole
(Santa Rosa, CA, USA)

How do you make it easier to make decisions?..

I've tried to go to school so many times.. I never finish a single semester.. I drop the classes never finish and because of that, I'm on academic probation and the funny thing is I'm not even going to school right now...

Help.. school is starting soon!

Ben's Answer:

There's no standard answer to this question regarding school, because the reasons that you sabotage your own academic success have to with your own past. Self-sabotage almost always has something to do with fear. Could be fear of doing better in life than your parents. Could be fear of standing out and getting positive attention or praise. Could be a feeling of not deserving to be successful.

Once you have some theories about your hidden fears, you could try using EFT to eliminate them and "re-program" yourself for success. It's entirely possible to do this if you're persistent.

Aside from that, when in doubt about how to decide -- just make a choice and stick to it and don't second guess yourself. If you are an obsessive mind-changer - start taking the attitude that it is impossible to make a wrong choice. Act as if whatever you choose was your destiny and was meant to be. Unless your decision to do something directly places you or others in some sort of danger - stay the course and work on trusting your intuition to take you where you need to go.

All paths eventually lead to the same place. Some just take longer than others.

Take Care,

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