Loss of Enjoyment of Life / Boredom

by nathan

I have been feeling for the last 10 years of complete boredom with everything. I try many different things and tried diferent hobbies, but nothing helps. Even had bought motorcycles and cars and went to different places to see something new and still nothing. The only time I was happy is when I was a kid. I have even had desires to wear diapers for some weird reason and that's not normal. Never had feelings of killing myself and never will, but why do i feel this way? Can you give some advice that might help?

Ben's Answer:

Boredom is never just boredom. It's usually a suppression or an avoidance of feelings. You may not be conscious of the feelings - but trust me - they are in there. Boredom is sort of a lack of feeling - or a subtle feeling of frustration, irritation or despair. If you go through life looking outside yourself for a way to entertain yourself, you wont find real satisfaction. Cars, motorcycles and any other kinds of toys are just temporary distractions from your own inner pain and emptiness. The only true happiness comes from "Being" - not from Doing. Everything outside your own consciousness can only give you a temporary feeling of satisfaction. Everything in this world is temporary (except your own consciousness - your true essence). The Self is the only source of real and lasting joy, peace and love.

When we find a new desire to pursue - like a new car - we feel the rush and anticipation of getting it. Then we get it and we're happy and excited. Then we enjoy that for a little while. And then we get bored again, and we need to find something else. This is how most people go through life, until the bitter end. Pretty depressing!

The joy that is available to you, just from within your own heart and soul, is so infinite and so intense, that even a little bit of that would satisfy a person for the rest of their life if they could really let go and open up to that. Then everything in the world - toys, sex, travel, wouldn't even compare. You would enjoy things to the fullest, but you would be content as you are. It doesn't mean you would become a recluse who never does anything anymore. It just means you would no longer be desperately grasping at the next thing to try to fulfill your craving for happiness.

Happiness is our birthright. It is as natural to us as breathing. Both Meridian Tapping/EFT, and Meditation, are two of the best methods I've found for finding your real Self.

Your desire for something more is the best sign that you're ready for a transformation!

Wishing you Peace and Happiness,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT

Santa Rosa Psychotherapist

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