Lord Krishna entered my body and stayed for 3-4 days

by Dr. G
(Panchkula Haryana India)

Hello, i am an ophthalmologist by profession highly skilled in my stream.

I want to share with you my experience with Lord Krishna which happened with me last week.
For around a week i was feeling some changes in my body like getting up early in the morning between 4:30am - 5:30am (usual wake up time is after 7am), having increased bowel motion that too immediately after getting up in the morning (usual is only once at around 7:30am).
that particular day, i got up again at around 4 am , got fresh , took bath & went for morning walk at 5:30 and came back at 6:30. i usually carry my mobile with earplugs so that i can listen to few bhajans during the walk.

one of my favorite bhajan is "mera aapki kripa se sab kaam ho raha hai" by vinod aggarwal, which i used to play on youtube & listen during walk.
That day after coming back from walk, few things happened like my hand touched the last 10-15 min of the same track (which i had never listened to earlier), some power made me lie down on my tummy in front of the small temple which we have in our house. and from the mobile phone very bright light emerged and entered my body through the area between two eyes (where supposedly third eye is located). which filled me with absolutely amazing light. It was like supreme power has entered my body and that power told me that GOD (LORD KRISHNA) has entered my body and will be with me for next 3-4 days (till 14th august , Janmashtmi) and it started giving me some instructions which i have to follow.

once i agreed to the follow the instructions, i got up and did few things which GOD wanted me to do. If any question was arising in my mind, i was spontaneously getting the answers to all my queries.

During the period in which GOD remained with me, i used to get up early in the morning (used to sleep at 11pm and wake up at 1AM) , just 2 hrs of sleep and i used to be full of energy. My eating habits completely changed, i started taking only milk, banana & almonds. At single time i used to eat up to 10 bananas. I didn't feel like even seeing the normal food like ROTI , Rice and cooked vegetables, i kind of developed aversion to the normal food which i used to eat earlier. Another strange thing happened, on my forehead black colour tilak got formed on the junction of forehead and head.

my family members thought that i have gone crazy, and wanted me to visit Psychiatrist and in fact they took me to one after two days of my changed behaviour. I tried to convince the doctor about the changes i was going through my body, but he diagnosed me as a case of psychosis with acute manic episode. I literally ran away from that place. The same evening my family members took me another psychiatrist who was my close friend.
He insisted me that i need an injection, which he gave me (Haloperidol and Phenergan), after that i slept for close to 20 hrs.

Now i am feeling that GOD is not inside me but i still believe very strongly that GOD was with me for 3-4 days, but my family members are thinking otherwise (Psychosis with Mania).

Ben's Response:

Perhaps in a paradoxical way, both realities are true. From the perspective of your family and psychiatrists, you had a classic manic/psychotic episode with grandiosity and religious delusions. And from your own inner experience you experienced a divine connection.

The question I would like to put to you and those who read this, is: "what would your experience have been like, had you been provided with a safe place to have this experience, without risk of harm to yourself or others, but without being injected with powerful sedatives and antipsychotic medications?

If your experience had been validated and supported, while you were cared for and given the tools to integrate and ground yourself, would the outcome have been something different, more useful or more transformational?"

It's unfortunate that resources for that kind of care are so rare in our modern world. But I am glad you are safe, and glad that you can appreciate the blessings in your experience.

Wishing you continued balance and good health.


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