looking for alternative bipolar meds

by aaron
(port orchard washington)

I am being court ordered to take depakote for my bipolar i dont like non alternative meds can u give me info on alternative meds that i can take?

Aaron p.

Ben's response:

The best medication alternative that I have found is EmPower Plus from a company called True Hope. You can find information about them at www.TrueHope.com

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Feb 24, 2012
Make sure you are also taking fish oil
by: Michael

I have experience with True Hope and as long as you commit to taking the "supplements" religiously they work wonders. Alcohol and cigarettes especially and a few other substances detract from the overall effectiveness of EMPowerplus. I am currently tapering off depacote and if you can avoid taking it in the first place. It makes the transition to True Hope all the easier. Best of luck!

While True hope does offer a fish oil with omega 3's. What I found out just this afternoon is that the best source is actually fermented Cod Liver Oil... which is a little more expensive but totally worth it because it has other nutrients specifically K-2 that supports bone growth and regeneration. People have even regrown teeth so I have heard. Also Butter Oil or Butter from grass fed cows has K-2 in it.

FYI If you take fresh carrot juice with your Omega 3's (either fish oil or cod liver oil or flax oil if you're vegan/vegetarian) right before you go to bed you have more vivid and lucid dreams : )

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