Life after death

by Renee Bradley

Finding peace from a guiding light

Finding peace from a guiding light

This piece of art helped me see the beginning to the end of a long relationship that began when we met at the young age of 13. I married this Man Dec 9 1992 and our loving relationship ended in death on Feb 18 1998. When I look at this image I see the darkness and then the light. The concept of this piece was about my marriage, it was a joyful relationship. When he died I was in so much pain and darkness , after leaving the grave site on that day, I didn't know how I was going to cope with life, but I managed. In this painting you can see the light directing a path for him and me because I know I left him resting in peace. Then my soul can begin to heal.

Ben's Reply:
Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece.

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