Journey Return-The Path that Led Me Back to my Life That Was Lost

by Gregg

I have been a Bipolar survivor for 22 years. In that I have experienced the deep lows of depression and the extreme highs of mania. One thing that stands out significantly is that in the yr 2013 following my hospitalization for suicidal ideation, less than a year later, I decided to make some changes in my life, never realizing it would come this far.

I started eating healthy. Blending healthy protein shakes​ along with supplements and started working out with an intense running program. As I started these implementations, mainly during my running, listening to my iPod, I would experience tears of joy running down my face. I had tingling Sensations throughout​ my head and upper body. I felt a surge of energy and complete inner calmness & peace that I can hardly describe. I felt a strong connection to God more than I ever felt before. These Sensations were totally distinct from my mania symptoms from times past. I feel that it was uniquely special. No, I didn't have supernatural powers, but felt this was my body overcoming a crisis and therefore becoming a healing crises for me. I will forever be thankful for this extreme experience and will forever be grateful -- a blessing that I will cherish. Please feel free to interact and share if you have a similar experience or enlightening experience.

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Apr 16, 2017

by: Ben

Thanks for sharing your experience. This sounds like a wonderful breakthrough, and it's good that you were able to differentiate this from mania. I have found that many people who have experienced uncontrolled mania, can experience very intense blissful states at times through healthy, natural and mindful practices, including exercise and dietary changes.

One of the keys to staying on a good balanced path is to find a good routine, but avoid too many extremes, and be very mindful of your energy and your body.

Even healthy practices, like meditation, exercise or use of supplements, when done too intensely, can induce mania, but when done in a balanced way, can boost energy and mood and even lead to blissful experiences, without putting yourself at risk for a manic episode.

Staying grounded is essential.

Wishing you continued peace, joy and healing!


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