job and money issues

by Marian W
(Sonoma County)

How can I allow myself leave a job which is below my skills and education? This job pays a small wage and is an on-call job, but I feel that I at least have a job right now. I also feel stuck with the idea that money can only come from a job. Thanks for all your help.

Ben's Answer:

If your current job is not full time, and if you have time to look for something else, it may serve you better to stay there. Total isolation, or lack of work may have the effect of causing you to feel more hopeless or nervous about not finding something fast enough. I've "created" some of my best business strategies while working at jobs I didn't see any future in, and even at jobs I didn't like at all. Sometimes creativity and inspiration come out of an adverse situation. When give total time and boundless space to be creative, the ego may find a way to sabotage it anyway - due to fear.

It can also be helpful to "pretend" to be working in a creative business, volunteering your services at first, but fully investing yourself in it - as if - you were really making money at it. Give away some complimentary services as a way to make yourself known, but don't do it with the mindset of a beggar, do it with the intention to provide a good service to others, and also to market yourself. The "acting-as-if" method is really one of the best ways to create something real.

Best Wishes Marian,

Ben Schwarcz, MFT
Santa Rosa Psychotherapist

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