Is there anyone practicing alternative bipolar treatment near Charlotte, NC?

by Jennifer
(Charlotte, NC)

Hello, I live in Charlotte NC and was wondering if you had any contacts there or any kind of network you can connect me with. I don't know where to start the search or even what to ask for, but the program that you have outlined sounds like exactly what I am looking for. Thanks for any help you can provide!

Ben's Answer:

Hi Jennifer. I get this question quite often. Unfortunately the alternative treatments for Bipolar Disorder are often difficult or impossible to find. The best case is to find an experienced, qualified, licensed therapist who also has good knowlege and practice with alternative treatments - such as nutrition, energy medicine, energy psychology/EFT/Meridian Tapping, or Naturopathic Medicine. A doctor of Chinese Medicine/Acupuncturist can be another good avenue. Regardless of their modality, it is important that they have at least some real understanding of bipolar disorder and the risks involved with improper treatment. You will likely have to be your own advocate and piece together your own wellness team of practitioners that you trust. Make sure they are all willing to talk to one another and work together as an interdiciplinary team for YOU. If you use any medications, then an open-minded psychiatrist who is a team player would be ideal.

There is a lot of fear, judgement and ignorance among mainstream health practitioners and in the public, so you have to avoid working with anyone who is purely illness-focused, and connect with those who have a balanced understanding, as well as a belief in recovery - and the goal of helping you to live a healthy, happy, functional life.

You have to be a full participant in your recovery and not just the passive recipient of drugs and inadequate advice.

If you have any interest in consulting with me, you can contact me directly.

Good Luck!

Ben Schwarcz, MFT

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