Intuitive Tapping

Guided EFT Tapping with Deep
Empathic Attunement

Intuitive tapping is the next level of guided EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques). The basic tapping process is a powerful technique for emotional healing and symptom resolution. Even tapping on your own, without much experience, can often yield unexpected positive results. But tapping with an experienced guide - be it a well trained coach, therapist, or EFT practitioner, will allow you to go much further with the tapping process - especially if the practitioner has a good empathic connection with you.

While tapping can often be a very rapid form of emotional release and trauma resolution, in many cases it requires patience, persistence, presence, and mindful attention to the process. This can sometimes be challenging to do on your own, and many people either give up before they notice the effects of their tapping, or the don't stay focused long enough to resolve their issues completely. With a skilled guide, these pitfalls can be avoided.

My absolute favorite thing about being a tapping coach, is that I get to use my intuitive abilities. In fact, my intellect (ego) can take a back seat, while my intuition takes the lead. The process of intuitive tapping with my clients (as they mirror my tapping, and echo back my words and phrases, as we tap together about their target issue), makes this quite natural.

Intuitive tapping only occurs when I let go of my analytical mind and get into the flow of tapping as I imagine that I am my client, experiencing whatever trauma, negative incident, or emotional state that they have described to me. This requires a good rapport and understanding of my client. Without this understanding and compassionate connection with my client, this sort of empathic tapping would never work. This level of work also requires me to have a very solid foundation of doing good clinical EFT. Without this foundation, the intuitive side would be incomplete and far less effective in resolving any issues. Both are needed for this advanced level EFT work.

The wonderful thing for me, and for my clients, is their experience of really being seen and understood, in regards to my choice of words and phrases, to describe their experiences. It's usually very easy for me to do this while tapping. I just stop trying to figure out what to say or what wise words to use to comfort or advise my client, and I just focus in on the issue at hand, and start tapping with the usual format. Because I'm tapping on myself, I can let go and enter a mildly altered state of consciousness that gets me out analytical mind. At times I close my eyes in order to imagine even more deeply what my client's negative experience or feeling was like (or what they are feeling right now). Then I describe how that feels in my own body, and the beauty of it is that they almost always tell me afterwards that it was exactly on target - it perfectly described what even they themselves could not put into words. So there is a feeling of deep validation. We all want to be seen. We all want connection. And we want the empathic understanding of another human being. This fosters self acceptance and self love, without which there can be no peace of mind.

This empathic resonance between therapist and client adds tremendous value and depth to this already powerful energy psychology technique.

Learn more about the origins of intuitive tapping.

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