inner self

by yashi

How do I get in touch with my inner self and stay there?

Thank you,

Ben's Answer:

The simplest questions are also the hardest to answer! It is an extremely high, and rare state for a human being to be permanently established in that state (that some would call enlightenment). For all the rest of us mortals, the best way to experience the inner Self, and a state of peace and joy, is to stop trying to become something. The inner self is already what you are. It's like looking for the sun at night. Yes, it's there, but you can't see it. You just need to be patient and trust.

Whatever we perceive with the intellectual mind, is not the Truth - but only a representation or symbol of something that we call "reality." As long as we keep trying to figure it out, we actually dig ourselves deeper into a hole of confusion.

The best solution would be to not think so much. But if it were that easy to not think, we'd all be doing it. So spiritual practice is the path (whichever one you choose) that gradually leads to the Truth. Meditation is the path that I personally feel can take you to the highest levels of self-realization. Forget about trying to "stay there." As soon as you try to hold on to a state of mind that you want to keep, you will have lost it. That's why non-attachment is a more effective approach.

Best wishes on your path,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT
Santa Rosa Psychotherapist


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