I was God

by Jerry
(Texas, US)

I don't exactly remember how it all started, but this time was even stranger and more vivid than the last time. There was only one Me in a sense I was the past. I was the future. I was the present. And the sin of man felt like a weird burden that I Had to bear But since I was GOD... I felt like these sins that were coming to me from everywhere, a vivid impression. I had awe-like experiences since I loved man so. Even more frightening was my death that i saw coming due to the sin of man. Since the belief that God is so closely intertwined with man. The sins of man were so overwhelming to me that it would eventually lead to the death of me... thus Jesus dying on the cross was actually really God dying for man and his sins. The experience did not last to where I died for man. Thank GOD. But since I was God I was the core love of mankind. The people around me, which were there simply became people in heaven. And I was trying to explain that they were in heaven. And that I knew one man from the beginning of time. I believe they saw God. Even for a few seconds but they saw and felt the true essence of God's love for man and the world. There were no perceived sexual feelings. Man was for the most part One and I was One. Their one and only loving God at the core of mans' existence.

Ben's response:

Thanks for sharing your story Jerry. The religious/spiritual themes of your experience and the experience of divine love and Oneness is a reminder of our deeper potential. Be safe, embrace your humanness, and accept both the mundane and the divine parts of life.

Take Care,
Ben Schwarcz

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