I was diagnosed Bipolar but I never will accept it

by Francis Lara

I have experienced mania and major depression all of my life and major reason is because the death I have endured since I was born. I am 25 and last year i was hospitalized 3 times, went to jail, went on crazy spending sprees and suffered with family and close friends. At the same time I am a student of spirituality and the law of attraction, the mind and the soul. I feel that america and parts of latin america have the whole "disease" misconstrued and damage us with medication that have long and short term side effects. I Feel mania is amazing if controlled and can take you to limitless heights. I recently came off a huge depression for 6 months and I am starting to feel good again but more leveled. I Haven't taken medication in 9 months and although I have negative thoughts all the time i meditate in the morning and have a clear vision of who I want to be and who I am. I Feel a little manic sometimes with rage outbursts but they are not as prolonged as they were when i was super manic. I know this website is full of information and it's great but I want your opinion on what you think I should do as far as routine diet spirituality?

Ben's Reply:

It's not really possible for me to give you specific advice, as each person is different and unique. Bipolar disorder - or "energy imbalance" - or whatever name you want to give these symptoms, are usually caused by a variety of factors, and the cause is not the same for each person. Each person's physiology is different and a healthy diet is not exactly the same for all people. Ayurvedic medicine is excellent at identifying what type of constitution a person has, what their imbalances are likely to be, and what foods to eat or not eat in order to be more balanced.

I will say however, that certain dietary guide lines are good practice for everyone. Avoid sugar - especially refined sugar. Avoid artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and food dyes. Avoid processed foods. Eat as much locally grown organic produce as possible. I do not recommend strict raw diets because some people become too ungrounded and prone to anxiety or mania as a result (this is not necessarily the case for everyone though).

As for spiritual practice, the important thing is to choose something that helps you feel balanced and grounded. Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, and Mindfulness Meditation are all excellent practices. It is very important to use moderation. I would not recommend jumping into doing long periods of meditation or meditation retreats without proper guidance and a long period of steady progress first.

As for anyone with a history of bipolar disorder, especially in the absence of medication, I strongly recommend that you have a very solid safety plan, support system, and as much routine, daily discipline as possible. The best time to develop those things is now. And it is far easier to make sensible plans when you are feeling stable.

I want to be clear, that I have seen many people achieve a high level of stability and peace both with medication, and without. You have to find what works for you.

Take Care,

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Apr 07, 2013
25 year old spiritual aspirant
by: Miguel

Dear Friend, I see that you are 25 and on the spiritual path. I realize you feel like you've been dead since you were born (something like this yes?) I can resonate. The men in my early upbringing suppressed a bright and beautiful being by being energetically and emotionally (rarely physically) dominant with me. I am 39 now and have come to realize that what who I am and what I am here to do needed to lie dormant until the time was right for me to emerge and be my full or fuller self! That time is approaching and I believe your is as well.

I have recently been called to partake in a specific mission on earth one I am not at liberty to discuss on this site. This mission or calling if you will has filled me with hope and gratitude as well as inspiration and motivation. Times are changing for the better. We must be patient. You are very sensitive to the status quo on planet earth and it irks you. Accept things as they are as best you can.

I like Ben's advice about Eliminating stimulants like refined sweetners, caffeine, etc. I also agree that the ancient wisdome of Ayurveda and Organic locally grown food are good ideas. I tried the raw food diet and it was completely ungrounding for me.

I also have abhorred medication but recently found a therapist that is an incredible match for me and where I'm at. He has recommended that I give two particular meds a try to take the super lows and the super highs out of the equation so that I remain solid enough to do the work he and I have before us! I opened to this because of his caliber of expertise and the level of trust that has developed in working with him.

Be patient my friend. When the time is right, your path will become clear and the necessary love, support and guidance will be there for you.

Accept your entire Self (all that God made you to be, even if the world was not ready to accept what you were born to be) as much as possible. Tune to your inner guidance. Your own heart and soul.

I shall leave you with two quotes that continue to bring me much relief on this World in Flux:

"The state of enlightenment is the deep and profound realization that everything is okay just as it is." — Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

"In the course of time everything happens. All will come through, not a single soul (jiva) shall be lost." — Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

<3 Miguel Lucian

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