I want to be tested for depression

by Kat G

I'm 13 and female and want to be tested for depression, today i came out to my mom and told her i want therapy because i think i have depression witch i have been feeling for years, i dont know if i have it but online tests are saying i do and i was wondering how to get the therapist to test me, do i ask or tell him that i want to be tested or will he test me without me asking him? I'm really nervous and wondering Thanks, Kat G

Ben's Answer:

There are "psychological tests" - mostly questionnaires - some of them quite simple that can "test" for depression. But any good therapist should be able to determine if you're depressed simply by having a session with you and talking about what's going on. The important thing is not whether a test tell you if you're depressed or not - all that matters is that you are feeling bad and want to talk to someone about your feelings. That is reason enough to see a therapist.

You don't need to have some official diagnosis or illness to benefit from seeing a therapist. So don't be afraid to ask for it!

Take Care,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT

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