I think im mentally ill

by Andrew

Hey i have a huge problem. I feel as if i have 2 personalities. One is positive and one is negative. When im in my positive state i can do no wrong. I go to high school so when im in the positive personality everybody loves me. When im in the negative state im made fun of and i feel unnatractive even though ive gotten many good comments from girls about my looks the negative me still finds a way to make me feel terrible. Basically how do i get rid of this negative personality because i feel like my positive personality is missing nothing. It feels like a fight inside of me and its very painful (not physically) I feel like i have the key to success but this negative self is stopping me from using it how do i get rid of it? Am i crazy or something? because i literally feel like two different people when im in this state.

Ben's Answer:

I'd suggest you take the
Bipolar Test
on this website. It's just an initial screening, so should not be taken as a means of self-diagnosis. But if you test positive on the screening you should then get a professional evaluation by a mental health professional who is experienced with Bipolar Disorder. As I just commented on the last question posted - major changes in motivation, confidence and self-esteem often go along with shifting from depression to hypomania (elevated mood).

In any case, seeing a good psychotherapist could be very helpful in resolving these issues and I highly recommend that you do that.

Best Wishes,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT

Santa Rosa Psychotherapist

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