I Get Weak When People Touch Me

Hi, I wanted to know if you had any ideas of why it feels like I get weak when people touch me? My mother says it is all in my head, but is it?

Ben's Answer:

Hi GB - That is a very interesting question. Most likely this is a psycho-spiritual issue -- that is - it relates to both emotional/psychological issues as well as an energetic/subtle level experience. We all have energy fields. That's why you can sense when a person is looking at you, or know when someone walks into the room you are in - even if you can't see or hear them. Some people are more sensitive to other people's energy, and pick up all sorts of emotional energy or psychic impressions from others. Other people - perhaps like yourself - may have a sort of leak in their energy system, making them vulnerable to the influence of those they come in contact with. In this case, rather than taking in other's energy, your own energy flows out. There are many ways to work on this. Psychotherapy often helps because it enables you to gain more self-awareness, self-esteem, and insight about how you relate with other people, and as a result, your energy field becomes stronger. Other effective tools would be EFT/Energy Psychology, meditation and/or yoga - also to gain deep self-awareness and to balance and strengthen your subtle energy. These are just a few possibilities.

So, we could say that EVERYTHING is "all in our head" - but that doesn't exactly help the problem.

Your sensitivity to other's energy is probably a sign that you are gifted, and have the potential to develop your intuitive and psychic abilities to help yourself and others in a very deep way.

Trust your intuition, and keep exploring until you find your power.

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