How to solve depression without pills???

by kimberly
(new mexico)

I'm sleeping and crying all the time, and walking alone in this open field because I choose to, and poetry club only because my teacher is the only one that seems to care about me any more. I think that because she noticed I'm depressed but not even my own mom hasn't noticed yet. I want to talk to somebody but i just don't know who and I would talk to my friends but their depressed too. I dont get it I don't have a big reason why I'm depressed it's a bundle of little stuff like break-ups and family arguments and loss of trust to almost everybody I know. I'm not thinking about killing my self but I just want to be the happy girl that was always laughing again and I want to be called "giggles" again which is my nickname and all I want is to get over this depression without using drugs.

Ben's Answer:

There are much better alternatives than taking medication. A pill wont get rid of your feelings about your life. It's wonderful that you are doing poetry and that you have a caring teacher who really sees you. Open up to her, if you trust her. Your poetry is some of the best medicine you could use. Keep expressing yourself. Talking to a licensed therapist could also be very helpful. Thing always seem bigger and darker when you don't have someone to confide in.

I'd love it if you would submit some of your poetry to this website - on the "Art Therapy for Depression" page.

Don't give up. It can get much better.

Take Care,
Ben Schwarcz

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