How Did I Get Here?

by Vivian McClure
(Creston BC)

Inspired by Artist/Author: Micheal Davidson

Inspired by Artist/Author: Micheal Davidson

While browsing through discarded books at a library one day, quite a few years ago now, I came upon a book of extremely powerful poetry by Micheal Davidson. I took the book home and found myself sunken in its pages of powerful impact. Each poem was related to striving to succeed OUT of horridly hard times! The human sadnesses and sorrowful situations the pages portrayed filled me with regret for having felt sorry for myself when my own life wasn't taking giant leaps UP like I wanted it to.

Now, years later, I found a strong interest in painting once again! With the use of my Art Therapy skills gathered over years of working with troubled youth and adults who felt "depression" coming on...I set that same set of rules to my own needs to "come away from depressions". I combined this theory with my three year old learned methods of EFT to discover "what was in me" with oil painting.

Out of me through these two methods of THINKING I found a hunger to paint this piece. Depression is a firey dragon that pulls one into the flames and feeds only despare; destroying all the rest of that good stuff we call: stick to it iveness.... we lose that....when we allow our minds to believe in "depression' as a way of "accepting a fall".

My heart and mind recalled one of Micheal Davidson's poems of an old man waiting on a bench near a bus stop for "someone" just "talk" to his depression....that's all his mind could cling to..."hope" that someone would some how understand that he needed "conversation"....while in reality... "hope" was the firey dragon he "allowed" to swallow him into a realm of "depression"... alcohol and "giving in" locked the door...

I'd have put a glass of water on the bench as a sign that you really CAN fight that devil with "a glass of water" and come out shining... you truly do HAVE that power against him... but... that's for the viewer to realize... and not for me to tell....

God bless...x

Sincerely Vivian McClure

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