The Holographic Universe

We live in a holographic universe. Actually a "multi-verse." We would have a much easier time of living if we would see life as more of a dream, and less as hard cold "reality." I know there are people who would love to argue this point til the cows come home - that "all the bad stuff in the world is REAL and you can't tell me it's not!!"

Yes, on a certain level of perception you can call it "real." We all suffer. We see bad things happen and bad things happen to us. We watch our loved one's get sick and suffer and die. We read the news, experience loss and fear and stress, and get very stuck in our despair. But when we get out of that place of fear and despair, everything changes. Everything.

The Mind is the final frontier. Experiment with it. See how far you can stretch the bounds of what you believe is possible. Our beliefs and expectations create our experience. If you're stuck in a negative mental state, feeling the awful effects of your negative, pessimistic, self-limiting beliefs - and perhaps even recognizing that it is not really the Truth - you are left with a choice: Fight against this belief (and probably lose); Submit to the negative belief (and be bitter and disappointed); Accept yourself as you are, and recognize that you have this belief but you are NOT your belief (this will help a lot if you stay with it); Or take measures to clear the mind entirely - through meditation (passive) and EFT / meridian tapping (active) methods, until the positive, life affirming, creative forces within you begin to take hold and shift reality to a much more enjoyable state.

In a holographic universe there is no separation between "you" and what you experience "out there." In other words, everything is consciousness.

A final thought to consider about thinking and "the Law of Attraction:"

If we tend to create and attract our particular version of "reality" based on our personal thoughts, feelings and beliefs from moment to moment...

is it better to go along with the fast pace of life, always thinking ahead to what's coming, what's next, anticipating the day ahead and feeling like a hamster on a wheel? Or is it better for us to focus on the present moment - to be in the here-and-now awareness of our immediate experience, physically, visually, sensually and so on?

The fear we have, is that if we simply focused on this present moment awareness, we would appear to be spaced out, oblivious to plans and schedules and would be useless. We fear that life would spin out of control and we would lose something, or miss out on something critically important....

But if we create what we think about, then thinking always about future, future, future, just creates more "future" and less Now-ness.

And if we dare to place our complete attention on the Present Moment Awareness - if we are crazy enough to risk it - we will in fact, create more Present Moment. Because that's what we're focusing on. The only Real "Reality" exists right Here and Now. And it's infinite, and eternal - the Now. But the only way to begin to experience the majesty of the moment, is to put your attention there and keep it there - instead of forever chasing shadows and an anticipated future that hasn't happened yet.

Try it, you might like it.

Sometimes, it can really help you accept the holographic universe idea, by breaking out of your small mindedness. This can be difficult in our normal daily grind. Taking time to open your mind to the infinite scope of the universe is a great way to instill awe and make the magic of existence real for you. 

The following video is one of my favorites for expanding my sense of the infinite...

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